• Intro - Neeraja Ramani

  • Short Profile

  • Thyagaraja Keerthanai

    Song - Nannupalimpa
    Ragam - Mohanam
    Talam - Adhi
    Singer - Radha Badri
    Dancer - Neeraja Ramani
    Performed in Bharatanatyam, Classical Indian Dance. Focused on miming with 'Mudras' - Hand Gestures and 'Abhinaya' - Facial Expressions.

  • Performance clips - Past decade

    This is a video compilation of the past decade performances. Traditional Bharatanatyam pieces and Modern Tamil poetry in Bharatanatya can be seen here. Performed by Neeraja Ramani

    Jayashree Narayanan - Pondicherry, India
    Santha Bhaskar - Singapore
    Neeraja Ramani - Toronto, Canada

    Salangai cultural Academy, Pondicherry
    Bhaskar's Arts Academy, Singapore.

    ‘Uyir veli’ By Shankari
    ‘Mazhai pin Our Malai’ By Poorani
    ‘Marangal’ By Vagai Selvi
    ‘Nadaipaathai Thozhirchaalai’ By Rohini
    ‘Kaimpen’ By Krishangini
    PERFORMANCE LOCATIONS: India, Singapore and Canada

  • ‘Menpadangal’ - My tender feet

    The frozen ice under my feet is no hurdle if that brings me closer to you. My tender feet will dance on the volcanic lava to reach your house on the mountain with love. I love the tenderness of flowers, but if you wish the thrones kiss my feet, I would dance on it all my life. But, I will not tolerate if you are a coward. My feet hate your inability. My feet will step on it and destroy. Sometimes, my feet decide my love.

    Poetess: Thamarai
    Music: Radha Kumar
    Ragam: Lathaingi
    Talam: Athi
    Dancer: Neeraja Ramani
    Year: 2001
    Duration: 6 Minutes

  • Arabhi, Jathiswaram

    Dancing Bharatanatyam on the side walk of downtown Toronto on a rainy day. At Yonge st, near Toronto Eaton Centre, on Aug 11th 2012, India Day celebrations.
    Neeraja Ramani
    Nivedha Ramalingam
    Anjali, Archana and Devina.
    Jatheeswaram, Ragam - Arabhi, Talam - Adhi

  • Trees

    I love trees more than I love humans. Though they get angry during autumn, they love me during spring. Some trees close their leaves in the night but during bright daylight they twinkle and smile through different hues of yellow, orange and green.
    The tree is so determined to make me go closer to it, and when I do get closer, it touches me with the lower branches. When I go further away from the tree, it beckons me by moving its arms. At the riverbank, trees provide me with a canopied bed covered by flowers filled with dewdrops. The coniferous trees which do not flower are also equally loveable. The ‘Red Bird of Paradise’ tree with the red hat flowers calls me so humbly. The bamboos stand proudly like me! This is the love trees have me and I love them, more than I do humans.
    So, Therefore, Hear me! Please do not cut them down, because when you do so my heartbeat slows down and stops.
    Poetess: Vagai Selvi
    Music: Shanthi GopalaKrishnan
    Ragam: Hamsadhwani, Panthuvarali, Hasanadham, Sivaranjani
    Talam: Adhi , MishraChapu
    Dancer: Neeraja Ramani
    Choreography: Jayashree Narayanan
    Year: 2001
    Duration: 10 Minutes

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